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#Osaphobia #Fear_Of_Oral_Sex

SEX IS DYNAMICALLY BEAUTIFUL, especially in the sense that there is no universal definition of what should give a couple the ultimate sexual pleasure they crave.

Depending on their fetishes, two consenting adults can decide to do with each other as they please: hit the ass, choke, BDSM, anal sex, whatever!

All join las las!

While many of these sexual preferences are not so common in this part of the world anyway, but among the common ones, nothing drives so much controversy as oral sex.


It is known by so many names here, depending on what you mean. Technically, there are three forms of oral sex:

~Mouth to penis, known colloquially as Blow Job (BJ), but medically known as FELLATIO.

~Mouth to vagina – known colloquially as Head, Eating Out 😃😃, but medically known as CUNNILINGUS.

~Mouth to anus – not so common, but known colloquially as Rimming, but medically as ANILINGUS.

The first two are by far the commoner ones among lovers of oral sex. However, while a lot of people engage in it for a host of reasons, many others have an extreme anathema to it.

In this part of the world where pretense is massive, everybody dey form say dem no like head, guys especially. Usually, you would expect people to have some level of reluctance or inertia before trying out something as this for the first time.

Guys own worse sef. They will say they don’t like giving their babes head cos the vagina is this and that😏😏, but once both are cuddling, baba go whip out his 🍆 and ask his babe to suck.

Biko your 🍆 na sweet orange??


However, there are actually a category of people who hate oral sex so much they panic at the mere thought of it. To such people, oral sex is a no no!

The fear could be so bad they could lose interest in the sex entirely. Theirs ain’t any pretence or mere “dislike”. It is a much more powerful aversion, a seemingly insurmountable fear.

This morbid fear of oral sex is known as OSAPHOBIA.

Biko, my Bini friends, it is not “Fear Of God.” 😀😀 Ike mmadu adirokwam.

People who have osaphobia do not only detest giving BJ or Head, they also strongly hate receiving it. Either way is a huge no!

Just like other forms of sex-related phobia, Osaphobia has a chain of familiar causes:


These include:

~Horrible previous experience

~Poor self image

~Feeling of unease

~Discomfort with partner

Lemme quickly explain the commonest one.

E get some people wey e be say, them suppose go prison for their BJ or Head. They give their partners horrible experience.

How you go wan give person BJ you go use teeth. Haba!

Is it pomo🍖?


~Some people have a very big fear of oral sex cos of a bad previous experience. Some hate it so much cos their partner left them sore.

E come remain make he/she bite the thing throway. 😥😥😥😥

~For others, the reason they hate oral sex so much is cos they no like their 🍆 or pussy.

Them no just want make person dey look that side. They feel it ain’t “pretty to see.” So if you want to give it to them, they will beg you not to.

~Some guys had said the reason they stopped giving head was cos they once gave it to one babe that had a smelly pussy or something.

Some babes had also said they stopped BJ cos they ran into a guy that was horrible down there. All these are different reasons.

There are also hygiene reasons. This is a common reason too.

Some complain of poor hygiene on the part of their previous partners.


They include:

~Fear of contracting an infection. There are actually a host of STIs that can be got from oral sex, especially oral and genital herpes, pharyngeal gonorrhea, etc.

~Fear of transmitting an infection (as
s stated above).



People who suffer osaphobia are extremely terrified of oral sex in any way.

They panic when they are about to receive Oral sex. If you now ask them to give you oral sex, then be prepared to kill them cos they so won’t. Some could exhibit the classic panic symptoms such as:



~Increased breathing


~Some guys could lose their erection

~Some ladies could go dry out


Like most phobias, dealing with osaphobia ain’t easy. People who suffer it barely think it is a huge enough problem to warrant seeking professional help.

Clinical psychologists and other sex therapists employ a host of measures depending on the possible cause. The measures could include counselling both partners on the importance of:

~Good personal hygiene, both “upstairs” (mouth) and “downstairs” (genital area).

~Going for medical lab tests to rule out sexual transmitted infections

No measure is definitive, but identifying the cause is a huge step to finding a lasting solution (and I have handled quite a lot of them).

However, it is always best to seek professional assistance.

As part of the grand plans to actualize the SDGs, especially #SDG_3, I go use info finish your eye.

You never see anything sef 😎😎😎.



Just remember:
+++Impossibility is nothing. Just believe++

~ Caséy Amaefule