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On the Evang Ositadinma Muolokwu: A form of “inter-marital” romance

FOR THE PAST TWO days now, following a Facebook hacker’s revelation of the amorous chats a certain Nnewi-based evangelist, Evang Ositadinma Muolokwu, had been having with married women for some time, social media had gone into a meltdown [see some attached screenshots of their chats. You can visit his timeline for more screenshots].

While a lot of people doubted the authenticity of the chats, claiming they were also perpetrated by the hacker, a lot more doubted that. Personally, the chats DID NOT seem manipulated at all.

As far as I am concerned, they were damn REAL. I have seen way too many fake chats that I can spot them at a glance. The dates, time, different methods of chatting unique to each person, different choice of words, different kinds of “abbreviations”, different forms of punctuation, grammatical blunders dependent on a person’s level of education or writing ability, the real phone numbers, the profiles of the said women who all happened to be MARRIED and in the same LOCATION as the evangelist, then the NUDES?

My dear, they were just too good to be falsified by a hacker or a team of hackers within a few hours of hacking into his account. Those were definitely real chats.

But that’s not my point for today.

Expectedly, plenty Nigerians, blind as they ever are whenever an infidelity scandal involves “clergymen”, had come out with their age-old slogans: “Touch not God’s anointed,” “Do not judge,” etc.

On the other hand, a lot of people had called out the man for his shameful ways, because it seemed he was specifically targeting married women. Perhaps his position as an “Evangelist” gained him a lot of admiration and in turn sexual attraction from these married women, regardless of the fact that he was also MARRIED.

As I read people’s reaction on social media, I noticed some people were shocked at how easy it was for these married women to be exchanging plenty endearment as well as “I miss you”, “I love you” etc. with the man. Some even sent nudes, others promised to be with him as soon as they could.

It all seemed like he – a married man – was DATING these MARRIED women at about the same time, and so people were shocked.

I wondered why!

Was it that you didn’t know that married people, men and women, also date? Or did you think it was a special kind of sin unique to men?

As a sexual and reproductive health doctor, I see these things often, maybe because I counsel them all the time.

Besides the regular dating (romance) between two unmarried people, or between one married person and an unmarried person, there is a higher form of dating, this time between TWO MARRIED PEOPLE. I call it INTER-MARITAL DATING (just like inter house sports back then in secondary school 😂😂).

In this case, for example, let us say:
~ A is married to B
~ C is married to D
~ E is married to F

In inter-marital dating, while all the parties are still married to their original partners, simultaneously:
~ A begins to date D
~ B begins to date E
~ C begins to date F

It is not exactly “cross multiplication” like you have in Mathematics, because there are many married couples (variables).

In some cases, B could be dating C and E, even while married to A [as in the case of the subject matter].

I once counseled a married couple at different times and both were dating other married people and the affair was coded as fuck until belle enter, and madam come dey fear how the baby go look like as she no come know the original owner. Her hubby was very dark and her MARRIED romantic partner was very fair.

It is a whole new pot of beans, trust me!

And you know the realest part? Even though each player in an inter-marital dating is technically MARRIED, they still exhibit all the features of a normal single vs single romantic relationship such as:
~ Regular sex, but less outings together because of the unspoken rule. Their meetings are always behind closed doors, especially hotel rooms
~ Exchange of love calls, texts and chats
~ Phone sex
~ Video call sex, and importantly,
~ JEALOUSY (even of the “real” spouse of the partner)

It will surprise you how angry and jealous a married man (or woman) will be if he finds out that his cheating partner, a married woman, is having an affair with another married man other than her husband. In some cases, some men go the extra mile and get jealous when the married woman is making love to her own LAWFULLY-WEDDED HUSBAND.

It is a higher level of messed up shit , but I see it all the time!

I’m not interested in finding out if the said Evangelist in this case actually did all that stuff or not. I have see way too much shit to know better.

I just want us, especially the unmarried ones, to know that, at the level of married people, this shit goes down on a regular. And some of the guilty ones are quick to criticize us singles, meanwhile they are worse!

Speak of world-class hypocrites!


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